Tuition Payment and Attendance Policy

All tuition is due on the first lesson of each month.  Each student has the option of paying monthly or by semester.  There are three semesters each year:  Fall (Sept-Dec), Winter (Jan-April), and Summer (May-Aug).  A late fee of $25 will be assessed on any account that is not paid by the 8th calendar day of the month it is due.

Tuition is based on the total number of lessons PER YEAR, divided into 12 equal monthly payments, or 3 equal semester payments.  There are 44 lessons scheduled in 2019.      

Your 2019 yearly tuition is based on 44 lessons per year x the current base rate per lesson .  There is a sliding scale of discounts offered for paying the entire semester in advance, and for more than one student per family.  If you have prepaid for the semester but need to request a tuition refund, your paid tuition will be calculated based on the non-discounted rate x the number of lessons you have actually taken, and the rest refunded to you.

For the monthly option, the listed tuition charge will be divided by the number of students registered, and listed as separate line items (i.e. 50% of tuition listed for student A and 50% listed for student B within the same family).

Our studio policy is to realize an annual cost-of-living increase each January.   

All students are expected to arrive on time each week, with the correct materials.  There are no refunds or credit given for missed lessons.  Similarly, no credit will be given if the student arrives late.

Student participation is expected at ALL scheduled performances and recitals.  The dates for studio recitals are listed on the studio calendar, which is maintained on the secured portion of the studio website.


Lesson Structure

We work with a rotating schedule, where each student receives approximately 3 private lessons and 1 group lesson in a 4-week period.   

Private lessons are scheduled in 60-minute time slots.  Each Private lesson will consist of 30 minutes of individual instruction and 30 minutes in the piano lab. Guitar/Bass/Ukulele students will not have a lab, and will instead be scheduled for 30-minutes.  

Group lessons are held monthly, and last 60 minutes.  It is not possible for all group lessons to be held at the same time as the regularly scheduled private lessons, however we will find a schedule that works for everyone.  Groups of 4-10 students will be assigned by age and/or skill level.  Group lesson curriculum will include:  performance practice (master-class style), music history discussions, technology (MIDI) instruction, ear training, and ensemble performance.

There are fewer group lessons scheduled in the summer months, and a few extra group lesson weeks scheduled in the fall - when students are preparing for Multiple Piano Festival and require extra rehearsal times for their ensembles.

Adult students (age 18 and older) are not assigned to group lessons, and will have a 30-minute private lesson on group weeks.


Practice Requirements

Each student is required to practice 5-7 days per week in order to make consistent progress in their music study. 

 The focus of the practice session should be more task-based than time-based, and parents should check their child’s assignment notebook or digital notebook each week to make sure that all of the tasks are being completed.  Beginning students will spend less time completing all of their tasks (sometimes only 5-10 minutes per day), while more advanced students will require more time (30-60 minutes each day).

It is best to practice at approximately the same time each day so a routine is established.  Some examples might be:  before/after school, before/after dinner, before/after homework, etc.


Piano Marvel

After the first 90 days of study, each student is required to maintain an active account with Piano Marvel.  More information about this software can be obtained at  A Piano Marvel account retails at $15 per month, but we have negotiated a group rate of $120 per year that is charged to your account in three $40 payments (September, January, and May).

Our goal is to have each student log 20 minutes of Piano Marvel every week, which takes approximately 1 hour.  

  It has been shown that students can learn up to 4x faster when they work consistently in Piano Marvel.

In order to practice in Piano Marvel at home, each family should have:  a digital keyboard (61 keys or more), a USB or MIDI controller connected to a computer or laptop, and a high-speed internet connection.


Make-Up Lessons

Each student is allowed to make up 2 missed private lessons per calendar year. 

Make-ups will not be given for group lessons missed by the student.

You can cancel lessons on our website.  Simply click on the LOGIN tab of the website, sign in to your account, and click on the event that you will not be able to attend.  You can also find make-up lesson slots on the website calendar, and register for them by clicking on the event on the calendar.  Make-up lessons are scheduled during group lesson weeks.

Your instructor would appreciate the courtesy of a phone call, text, or email before your scheduled lesson time so we can adjust our lesson plans accordingly. 

Either a make-up or a pro-rata refund (at the discretion of the director) will be offered for any lessons canceled by the studio for weather, teacher illness or other similar event.


Deposit, Lab Fee, and Book Purchase

To secure a place in the studio, there will be a $50 deposit due for the first student per family, and a $25 deposit for each subsequent student per family.  This deposit will be applied to the final month’s tuition and fees upon cessation of lessons, provided the family gives 30-days notice of cancellation. Any amount left on the account after all final tuition and fees are assessed will be refunded.

The instructor will purchase new books as required.  Books and fees will be invoiced as they are issued, and will appear on the next semester’s invoice.  This includes books that are used in Group lessons, and entrance fees for BAMTA (Boulder Area Music Teacher’s Association) events. 

Lab fees will be assessed on the first day of each semester, $25 per family. 


Pedagogy Program (Associate Instructors)  My Piano Prodigy launched a Pedagogy Program in Fall 2011, which is used to train young pianists to begin their own teaching careers.  It works a lot like an internship:  we have already hired some of our more advanced students to work as lab assistants.  They will continue to interact with your children during lab time to tutor them in Piano Marvel, and to help motivate them.  We will be expanding the Lab Assistant program so that your children will also be working on additional ear training and sight reading during their labs.

Our Associate Instructors teach private lessons to beginning students.  The Associates will receive support and training on how to teach beginning students from an Advanced Instructor.  The student and their Associate Instructors will receive periodic evaluations (in person or via video). 

Parents will receive a $20 per month tuition waiver the first year when their child studies with a beginning Associate Instructor.  The tuition waiver is decreased by $5 each year ($15 in year two, $10 in year three, etc) until the Associate Instructor graduates from High School.  


In order to have your child placed with an Associate Instructor: 

1.       The student must be in 2nd or 3rd grade

2.       The student must be a beginner:  i.e. they cannot have studied piano with another teacher

3.       The student must be willing to commit to regular practicing

4.       Parents must be willing to switch to an Advanced Instructor at the discretion of the Studio Director (Ms Heather).  Usually this would happen when the student advances to the point when they would benefit most from a Advanced Instructor, or if a schedule change is necessary and no Associate Instructors are available


Referral Program:

Any student referred to the studio by an existing member will receive a $10 tuition bonus, which is deducted from the next month or semester’s tuition fee.  There is a limit of one bonus for each family referred.